Powerful new training coming up for you!  Yes, I’ll continue to offer our personal growth & transformational products but now I’m going to focus on servicing 3 specific areas in which I’ve really been called to serve at a deep and major level.  You can find out more about these at the links (the training will start coming soon).  Instantly you’ll probably know if they are for you or not. 

(Note: the formatting on the site will be improved..thanks for your patience…these solutions will be adding from here forward in 2013..please check back or listen for updates)

Awaken Success Solutions:

First…I’ve simplified and repositioned your dating solutions here down to just;

Sexual Attraction

Products, training and coaching specifically for single men to handle this area of life and be more confident with themselves and women

Performance Thought Flow

For entrepreneurs and visionaries who want SERIOUS quantum flow to become the thought leader of their industry and pioneer tomorrow’s big breakthroughs

Pro Creative Flow

For serious and career or aspiring creative professionals, artists, producers and musicians who want to access more ingenious creative flow

Pro Performance

Star power allure, rockstar energy to help get noticed and signed. High level energy and charisma work for actors, actresses, performers, musicians and singers to take their dynamic performance power and magnetism to the tops and live their dream.


p.s. The solutions concept is there to give you the real tools instantly (I want to have programs right upfront) to cover each area on your own but as you’ll find, ongoing coaching and support solutions will further take you into mastery in your field