Sexual Attraction

Sexual Attraction


How To Finally Have Natural Confidence & Chemistry With Attractive Women Without Games or Manipulation


If you’re a single, Western male who is frustrated from years of confusion, unworthiness, lack of confidence and very real anxiety around beautiful and powerful women who seem like they’re living in their own world yet whom you still want to date, or you’re divorced and want to ‘get back out there again’, welcome.


I look forward to changing your reality with yourself and women to where you want it to be FAST.


Have you experienced:

  • Women are icy and closed off to you

  • Women you want seem to go for other guys

  • Female behavior seems impossible to ‘get’

  • Hot women have a lot of power that is difficult to feel worthy of

  •  Being alone for long bursts, afraid it’s placing women further from you

  • Intense frustration and even resentment at times yet still have desires

  • Like all the power and choice is ‘up to them’ or if maybe you get lucky

  • The women you don’t want are interested in you but that doesn’t help

  • Are confident in other areas of life but when it comes to attractive women you ‘lose it’ and get anxiety 

  • Just when you got happy things were ‘getting somewhere’ she disappeared

  • Should be much further along than you are now

  • You wouldn’t know what to say to make a proper introduction; you’re thinking of it too much so that you’d screw it up anyways

  • If women even love or care about sex at all, why are they so standoffish

  • Your suckiness here is affecting the rest of your life and draining you

  • You’ve developed an active fantasy lifestyle with women in place of the real thing

  • You don’t know why she didn’t call back when you were sure things were fine

  • You really improve in other areas of life to impress women but they don’t even notice

Any of this connecting with you?


Being single, you’re tired of games and the frustrations of loneliness and disconnection even though you can always have the fantasy of women. 


You just want real confidence, power, authenticity and attraction with the women you’d like to date or have as girlfriends because it seems you’re years behind where you should be and it’s affecting your life even though you’re competent and confident in other areas.


You may feel unworthy and confused like there must be something wrong with you.  You want connection and dates with attractive women.  You want the ability to converse and have chemistry without any anxiety.


And you want it all ideally WITHOUT games, manipulation or memorizing routines which made you even more self-conscious (because when you tried it it wasn’t you and didn’t feel right).


You’d love the power to be able to confidently meet and connect with virtually any woman, anywhere at anytime even if you can’t see it’s possible..and you most definitely admire James Bond.


This sound like you?


I mean, is it even possible to take you from where you’re at now to where you want to be?  


Hi, I’m Rion and for over 7 years I’ve been a professional attraction and dating coach for single, frustrated men on the scene. 


You can look and unlike most other dating coaches, I’ve never taught anything manipulative in my entire career, I’m all about empowering you to be equal and desired amongst today’s powerful women or the women you desire. 


I’m about bringing out your authentic power and natural ability to be human without ‘needing’ things…to be that confident man women respond to naturally.


I’ve done live in-field coaching in different cities in U.S., Europe and South America, I’ve held workshops and spoke at events like the Double Your Dating ‘Man Transformation’, been on ‘Interviews With Dating Guru’s’ and even got phone numbers of women in front of quite a few of the world’s top coaching ladies men. 


All of my live clients have seen me have attraction with women and why?


Because attraction and chemistry is universal…it’s all the other junk and social programming that is getting in the way of your own ‘force of life’ power to connect with women (whether it ever turns physical or not).


With 100s of testimonials, I’ve helped countless 1000s of men around the world to become more naturally confident, attractive and comfortable in their own skin around the women they desire to connect with and date without having to get stuck in the ‘friend zone’ and being even more frustrated.


Yes, you can have natural success without anxiety and without having to put on a facade and becoming someone you’re not, but you have to step into more of your own power especially because women today are so powerful. 


You can heed that call, you just had to get some PROPER insight into reconnecting with the power that’s already in you to BE THAT confident man. 


See, most of the information out there on dating online will take you further away and keep you in a cycle of misery and unworthiness with women, even though it appears you’re doing the right things. 


The information out there that you choose to believe can lead you down a path that takes you further away from where you want to be; case in point the pick up artist side of things and ‘the game’.  It’s time for authentic power and chemistry with women.  And I’m here to help you so you see those real changes.

Instead of just ‘referring’ to what it’s like to be a natural, I bring you real practical tools and methods to transform ‘who you are’ back into the natural, confident man you were born to be no matter HOW messed up you’ve become because of social programming and unworthiness.


Your body language and all of that will change.  The butterflies you get will disappear.


You’ll see women responding to you differently and giving signs of attraction; you getting more dates and building a confident, connected reality with women.


You’ll become more social and attractive…even hosting your own house parties if you want.  You’ll be able to speak the universal language of chemistry and ‘body language’.


At more advanced levels, you’ll have the power and you’ll be equal and attractive to the women you want, no matter how powerful they are.  Women are WAITING (and competing) for today’s men just to be confident and not thrown off around there power and that’s when the doors open.


Yes, this can be you.  Worthy to date the women you’ve really desired without settling for less; without stopping YOURSELF and without hating yourself afterwards (I used to be like that years ago).

I’m all about helping you connect with women but also being shameless about being single and not putting forward expectations of courtship until you get to know her more IF she’s a match.


And if you’re NOT comfortable and confident, a woman is just going to be interested in someone else.  It’s time for a high quality man like you to step up and be that man to get what you want; connection with the type of women who are looking for you. 


But how?  Ready for some serious transformation and results that you will see and know are real?

Let’s get you started with the Sexual Reality 2.2 PDF. This alone will save you years of frustration going down a disempowering path of becoming a pick-up artist. This will reframe your entire outlook on confidence with a proper foundation for life.


It’ll set an outline for the transformation you have to go to (which isn’t very difficult) to become the confident, attractive, charismatic and alluring man that you know you can be…and that women want.