Etienne Charland

I can’t say enough about ‘this guy’…one could consider him my protégé since 2006 but he’s really on his own path and doing some VERY far out and advanced things with alchemy for direct transformation.  Getting a good foundation in my teachings will help prepare you to take things to an entirely new extreme and dimension of transformational growth coaching with him.  Sometimes we’ll host joint events which are very powerful.

David Neagle

Strongly recommended.  He is my #1 choice for wealth consciousness and even if you’re not an entrepreneur, I recommend to get into his work because it will really stretch how you think about money into abundance.  He used to work with Bob Proctor before the Secret became popular and his business is exploding right now.  I’m actively following what he’s got going on and being involved.

Lisa Nichols

She will impress the socks off of you…if you just thought she was ‘The Secret’ lady..think again.  She is hardcore transformational and all about living big in greater service, power and expression with a huge heart.  

The open expression, authenticity and transformational power she brings is absolutely topline..coaching with her in person or a group setting will change your life.  Although it’s not in my dharma to always be in front of the camera, she’s MY role model and reference point of open, passionate expression and living spiritually big.

Gina Cloud

Strongly recommended for women to get into her work to help connect with their divine feminine power from a woman’s perspective.  She is and was ‘the real thing’ before it was popular (and it’s still becoming popular I guess).  This goes back years ago…she was standing in that voice and presence when even more people had resistance to it.

Max Simon

Big Vision Business . Recommended for spiritual entrepreneurs who have a big vision and want to get things going online.

Our Own Transformation With Media Coaches

These are the people who have the most experience with using entertainment for transformation in the world.  You can learn from them directly by hiring a coach to fast forward your own progress, benefits and results.  Possibly COMING SOON.

(As of now they are ALL men because of how my past business evolved even though I’m now working with women).

G.A.T.E. (Global Alliance Transformational Entertainment & Media)

Jim Carrey and John Raatz along with Eckhart Tolle co-founded with the valuation of raising consciousness through media.  This is a cause I fully support.

And of course…our Awakened Goddesses (and others who calibrate at a transformational frequency) themselves in entertainment media.  They have been MY mentors the most and will infinitely keep you growing and living in an awakening success.  You’ll discover them more throughout the Entertain Success modules, AS.TV training and recommended resources.

With that said, there are many other resources, transformational musicians and performers, artists even authors and spiritual or transformational teachers that I’ll reference in different parts and promote.  Keep an eye out for those and dig into our community.  You’ll find a lot there to supplement your own life success.