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StarPower Allure


Are You An Up-And-Coming Performer; An Actor, Actress, Singer, Recording Artist or Musician Who


 Wants More Rockstar Presence, Charisma and Allure NOW To Get More Auditions, Gigs & Callbacks To Help Get You Discovered or Signed?


 Or are you already a professional performer or musician who wants to take your power, presence, expression and performance to higher levels of heart and soul delivery, nuance and impact?

Well I’ll tell you right upfront; I can’t guarantee you’ll get discovered or signed if you’re aspiring, but what I can do is work directly with you on your charisma; the ‘rockstar energy’, allure and presence at very high levels so you can see major improvements, have legendary performances, be more attractive, get more fans and be remembered.


You may have heard them say about someone else ‘she has ‘it’ (and ‘I don’t even know what ‘it’ is but she HAS it’).


That ‘star’ kind of energy will help you get ‘noticed’ because along with talent and image, it’s the ‘star quality’ that agents are often looking for; that special alluring ‘something’ that they just feel from your presence. 


Do you not want to have ‘it’ when you show up?  What if a big opportunity comes along and you don’t have ‘it’ that special star quality and presence?  Of course you want it!


If you don’t have ‘it’, you’ll risk having your spot or the callback go to someone else with more of a magnetic presence who is equally as talented even though you’ve already put in so much effort, time, blood, sweat and tears!


I mean seriously…you


MAY have the energy profile of a karaoke singer and that energetic level of reality is just preventing greater success!


What if that energy is showing through even a vocal demo tape, do you want lackluster energy or a lack of starpower to make or break you when you could have handled it?


There’s no statistical evidence on this but having it BEFORE they were discovered as you’ll often see in audition tapes is what helps them GET discovered and to really shine through in their performances.


But before we talk more about starpower, let’s talk more about you. 


Is this you?


You’re already working hard wondering if you’ll ever get ‘discovered’ on a major scale


You’re daunted when you take time to look at the sheer scope of others just like you ‘competing’ but keep going back to expressing your talents and passion; your deeper truth


You want a competitive edge that would put pro level performance in your hands even on the level you’re at now that would differentiate you from your competition

You know that there are far higher levels of expressive power that you can bring out of you with a proper coach


You dream of large scale performance success and it’s sexy flashing lights and glamour but you know that it should be as an expression of your talent so that you are always grounded in your truth; still, you want them both…you want it all

You know your talent can really help to entertain and inspire others


You want to have legendary and memorable performances that have a magical quality about them for you and your fans

You want to live like a star and feel good about it adding entertainment and value to others lives…you’re not in it ONLY for the fantasy and fame but you want success as a great expression of your talent..and you’ll take it all

You really want to express yourself from a deeper depths and higher heights in your performances reaching your greater potential without it seeming melodramatic; you want to be on the level of your idols


You want the belief that it is possible and you want to live the best life you can, knowing you gave it your all


You’re already pouring your heart and soul into what you do and success is close, seeming to be fate or luck but you know there are higher levels that you can reach just by comparing yourself to your icons

You’ve stayed true to your path when others said you couldn’t do it


You want to be the one who shapes and influences what is cool



You take what you do seriously…it’s more than just a hope or aspiration for you.


And by now you realize yes, glamour, talent and beauty is a big part of a lot of the entertainment industry; but what’s also big especially in getting ‘discovered’ is your energy itself; your presence, your aura and allure. 


It’s the inner beauty and ‘star glow’ that shine’s through and the power of your performance to take people to higher heights and deeper depths of experience when watching or listening to you…like they’re riding along with you. 


Real stars and superstars literally have a higher ‘connection’ and power that they are able to deliver in their presence and onstage that magnetizes millions to them.


I can directly help bring that in-demand, professional quality out of you.


Sure, it’s easier to have it AFTER you’re a star but having that energy now will really help you attract where you belong in the greater pantheon of the world of music, entertaining, acting and performance.


So how do you get that kind of ‘starpower’ allure and dynamism as an aspiring singer, actress or performer now? 


By now you’ve figured it’s probably something more than just ‘practice, practice, practice’ and having a performance or talent coach (although those are very important of course).


Well,’ve attracted this page for a REASON because your starpower is more than just working out, endless practice or having a Red Bull before the show to ‘boost’ your energy!


By working on your allure NOW, it’ll help you attract larger scales of performance success faster while living in a greater expression of your talent


And I’ll help bring that power out of you whether you’re a male or female performer.  (There are some different things we can do on either side).


And in a worse case scenario either way,

Our training together actually gets you delivering more powerful and nuanced performances while you access and express higher levels of dynamic expression like the pro’s and the greatest performances of all time


So by now, you already know that you’re not normal and you’re meant for something special; on a larger scale.  You desire to perform and influence a LOT of people.  And there’s a lot of people saying you can’t do it and you’re just having pipe dreams.


But let’s feed your dream and vision so that either way, whether you’re discovered or not, you can live in a higher expression of who you are to give more value to more people on your path while legimately taking your performance abilities TO far higher levels and into the nuances that pro’s and ‘stars’ seem to achieve with their performance energy.


Having starpower allure energy now and ‘fitting the energetic template’ of a star can be your cutting edge (amongst the countless numbers of your competitors also trying to ‘make it’) especially if you already have your vocal or acting talent or technical performance down enough.


I’ll just assume that you have real talent and the basic skills down (and you’re always learning there whether you’re a musician, singer or actor) so that we have something to work with so you’ll see real results and improvements in your delivery and performances.


So…you really do want ‘it’ huh?  That rockstar charisma and presence; or that of a Hollywood starlet or debutante? 


You are serious because you secretly want all the connection to glam and renowned success but while living in a greater expression of your talent.


Although it may seem intangible to many people, rock star energy is a very legitimate thing especially to those who are sensitive at reading energy.


That kind of energy is very powerful and magnetic.


It will bring you more of what you want in life and you don’t have to be a drama queen or diva to have it.  In fact, it’s downright unhealthy to behave like Lindsay Lohan!


Having the ‘je ne ce quoi/allure’ factor of star quality NOW is what will HELP you stand out IN your live performances, auditions, and callbacks.  In our training I’ll show you what it is and how to get it so that it’s no longer a mystery. 


Because what I teach is so high level, effective and unique it’ll be difficult for your competition to compare and the results will be very evident in your personal aura and presence.


In fact, you’ll have exercises that you can keep doing on your own to bring it out and make you have a strong and alluring stage presence.  In order to be really effective we’re going to be doing very different things than a body language or general performance coach would teach but they get serious results if you’re open to it (don’t worry it’s actually a lot of fun and ‘the real thing’).


You probably already know that you can’t ‘act it’.  Sure your energy amps up on stage and you may step into another side of yourself, BUT it still has to be coming from ‘somewhere’ that is powerfully inspired and transmitting through you.


If you really want to have charisma and ‘be’ the best at expressing your desires through what you do as a professional, you have to become a higher expression of your talents. 


If you’re serious about this, you’ll do some extra special work to ‘be’ at a higher level of star power and expression yourself but it’ll put you amongst the top class of performers.

Personally, I’d only prefer to work with those who have real talent and a decent chance of ‘getting discovered’ or whom are already professional to take their performances to higher levels but with the internet, you can take more of this power into your own hands wherever you’re at or if you can’t afford me to do energy work and sessions.


Think of having me on your team. If you’re serious you should already have people helping you with hair and makeup, technique and a performance coach (vocal or acting).


I’m not a vocal, instrumental or technique coach but I’ll be your starpower allure, charisma and presence coach.

I’ll treat you like a professional and help expand and develop the energetics of performance, expression and capabilities. 


We’ll expand into more details coming up.

Although I will be living in Los Angeles in 2014, since we can’t do live sessions right now, there are some things you can do on your own that will help you start being more accountable and evolving in this area esp. if you don’t have the budget to work 1-on-1 ‘live’ or in video skype sessions for a high level energy and performance coach like me.


You will start seeing tangible results off of getting into our online transformational products and services here; directly to serve you becoming more of who you really want to be.

Even if you don’t ever ‘make it’ you WILL have greater, attractive, sexier, healthier energy in addition to more happiness and wellness automatically by doing our charisma techniques.


Your performances WILL improve dramatically b/c often this is the one major
overlooked factor and it’s definitely what takes it over the top, allowing you to reach even higher levels of performance and expression from your heart and soul.


If you’re ‘stuck’ where amateurs can be of memorizing and playing the same song over and over with lackluster affect and you want to break into legendary levels of performance with electrifying, dynamic energy and expression that magnetizes your audience and fans, it’s in this area where you can ‘go pro’ by working with all of this starting right now in addition to your other performance work, practice and improvement.


Do you want that cutting edge?

Because we’ll be doing things that your competition isn’t doing all right in the ‘how to’, but you’ll also have the radiant, star power that they don’t have either!


Why me?


My life purpose is to be behind the camera and that means I have to bring out the best performance for those in front of the camera. 


For those who knew me before this as a professional attraction coach and such, it was all prep for what I’m really passionate about doing and it’s really given me very high level abilities to help creative pro’s and performers access their higher power.


As you start training with me you’ll instantly start learning very, very powerful techniques and methods that will take your energy, starpower and performance to pro levels very fast.


For decades into the future I’ll be working with actors, actresses, recording artists and performers to bring out their greater expression as creative or performance professionals.


For 1000s of hours I’ve already been doing high level energy work and attuning with the world’s top female performers.  My unique experience as a professional dating coach (and the other things I’ve done which you’ll learn later) has given me special connection with women to do very unique things just with sexual energy alone.


I’m able to channel very high frequency sexual creative energy for removing conscious blocks, healing and anti-aging in women connecting them to more of their divine goddess self; she who is very powerful.

if you’re an actor or actress I’ll help you to work with your conscious energies in entirely new ways.


Want the allure, presence and glow of starlets from ages past without the cliche? A cutting edge above countless other actresses to stand out in auditions?

You can have it.  Your presence can be the difference that makes the difference.  It’ll really stand out today because a lot of American and Western women even as aspiring actresses have a very similar energy profile which is limiting their greater creative success without their awareness.

As you expand your dynamic range and behavioral congruity flowing with more sexual and creative energy (and other high level things we’ll do) you’re able to have more solid acting, credibility, influence and range to play entirely different parts.


Expanding the nuances of your sexual, spiritual and emotional dynamic range is just part of it.


People will start coming up to you and hanging around you just because you seem like a star (watch and see)..they’ll think you ‘are’ someone or if you’re not that you’re about to get discovered!

So let’s get it started!


Coaching with me isn’t meant to replace your performance technique or acting coach. It’s meant to take the dynamic range, nuance and expressive power to entirely new heights of credibility and influence.


The nuances of your performance matter.  When you can be seen by millions of people and your energy is always speaking and communicating.  All the details matter.


We work in the ‘intangible area’ that is the most tangible.

You can get started doing this on your own if you’re on a budget with our basic techniques and getting supplemental training.


Again, why WAIT to have rockstar energy and allure?…


Having it now in addition to your talent is what will help get you noticed and discovered.  Leverage the Law of Attraction in your favor to create your own performance success.


You can also get started with our new rockstar Powerliminals coming up very soon (early March 2013).