Powerliminals are serious conscious reprogramming tools.  Tired of how ineffective and prolific subliminals, hypnosis and guided audio meditations are while delivering questionable results at best?  Time for Powerliminals.  Powerliminals which sound like Paraliminals (which works with audio into both hemispheres of the brain) stand out because of a few simple reasons which make them invaluable investments.

Powerliminals bring a higher conscious frequency; a connection to source oneness and truth itself which provides unlimited transformational power.  All power comes from oneness and in Powerliminals, you get relevant healing THROUGH higher consciousness delivered in an experiential format.

Powerliminals are also different as audio resources because they engage and affect all areas of your consciousness.  Enough of the generic conscious vs. subconscious mind.  Your conscious and subconsciousness also has different types of conscious energies; emotional, sexual, mental (psychological), physical and spiritual.  

Powerliminals know how to connect, affect and engage each of your conscious energies raising their frequency.  Heck, most of your issues may be stored in your emotional consciousness.  Hypnosis, subliminals and audio meditations or general spiritual meditations are largely ineffective because they don’t connect to and engage your heart (emotional consciousness) itself WHERE the issues are stored.  

You’re more than just a generic ‘conscious mind’ so it’s time to upgrade your transformation with Powerliminals.  Choose from our expanding catalog for guaranteed healing and transformational results in different areas of your life.

Just press play, relax and let them go to work to see the results.  Here is the Powerliminals thread on our forum where you can read a lot of the testimonials.

Attracting & Receiving Beauty

The ultimate consciousness reprogramming for single men to be worthy of powerful and beautiful women that were previously ‘out of his league’.  This high level, divinely connected resource will dissolve unworthiness and also connects you to power, wealth and beauty itself to resonate and attract it.

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Dissolving Social Anxiety

Finally you can resolve social anxiety issues to be powerfully confident and present wherever you are.  Have the ability to talk to and connect with anyone including powerful, beautiful and influential people in your industry.  

Essential to have this area of energetics and communication handled to network and attract more abundance into your life.  Get the relationships you truly desire and step away from all of the unworthiness and fear that is keeping you in shackles publicly with this extensive reprogramming resource.

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Guided Goddess Attunement 1

For women, this is an advanced meditation because it is coming from the opposite polarity and may be the first knownof its kind, coming from the supportive and grounding knowing of the divine masculine.  Before it every may become popular (?!), leverage this uniqueness for additional inner beauty power, anti-aging, healing and connection to your higher self NOW in addition to more of the female side work you’re doing.  

You’ll likely find entirely new insights and experiences with the co-creative balance of both energies involved in your awakening to set you free (just as the feminine inspires the masculine).

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Guided Yang Attunement 1

A timeless classic for those men in the know.  This resource is free and meant for men to connect to more of their masculine, yang energy and power.  There are many benefits including focus, drive, extra energy, heavier energy, lower chakra healing and work, sexual attraction, creative output and more.

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Guided Yang Attunement 2 & Superyang

The Superyang video is online.  Superyang is the SP version of gYa2 (excerpts taken from it).
Get the full Powerliminal audio program here with both resources and an HD download of Superyang video.

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Awakened Natural

This is an advanced Powerliminal meditation for the conscious single man who values more connection with women in his single life or more sexual healing power for women as an energy healer, coach or wellness practitioner.

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Divine Abundance

This resource is an exception to all the other Powerliminals in that I haven’t reached this level of consciousness myself.  I am divinely abundant in other areas but I’m referring to the specifically financial reality before recording so I’m giving this disclaimer upfront.  

I recorded it to connect myself and others to the channeling of the highest financial wisdom available on the planet today; a spiritual connection to divine abundance inspired from others who are already multi-millionaires.  This resource will program wealth consciousness and wisdom itself into you.  As I become financially wealthier, it’ll probably carry more weight and power especially if much of my breakthrough comes from it directly.

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Respark Relationships…
For men and women to respark the chemistry in a long-term relationship or marriage.  Results guaranteed…put it to use and see for yourself!