Performance Thought Flow

Performance Thought Flow


How To Become & Remain The Pioneering, Cutting-Edge, Progressive New Thought Leader And Visionary Of Your Industry Or Niche Who Is Always Ahead Of The Curve With Breakthroughs That Matter


As a professional, entrepreneur, CEO or visionary who takes serious pride in originality and authenticity, you demand and desire innovation of yourself.


You want better performance and results to tap more into your potential and serve others.  You’re not settling for status quo and you are creating a better future actively with your breakthroughs.


You want to remain above the competition so you’re the only clear choice by your market.  This will help keep you in demand, recognized in your industry and by your peers…even remembered years later for your original breakthroughs.  You always want to be on the cutting-edge.


Being known as the thought leader and having training and coaching that is so far ahead of your competition sets you up for more renown and continued client service.  Leadership based on innovation and transformation bringing people better ways of thinking and doing things; you value this.


But it requires a special kind of performance out of you to REMAIN on the cutting-edge especially when people and your clients have high demands of you. 


Even when mastering the skills of your trade, it’s the new big thinking and ideas that are what you desire…it’s the actual creative part itself that you have to build a better performance output ratio with but it seems more unreliable.


Something is holding you back from fully living in that greater service and potential that you feel is possible…from getting that ‘non-stop’ flow that will always be there for your success and influence;


You can’t predictably get the big ideas coming and often end up waiting a long time to have them.


You are inspired by how innovative and forward thinking people like Richard Branson and the late Steve Jobs were who really had big ideas and pushed the boundaries by leading with innovation.


Sometimes your ego can get in the way.


You can get overwhelmed at how much great stuff your competition really has going on and the clutter in the marketplace that sometimes your work seems too similar and it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth; you want to stand ABOVE the rest to be the best.


You can sometimes have great breakthroughs but they are inconsistent and entirely spontaneous when they happen and you want a simple reliable way to get big ideas ‘on demand’ so you can stay IN DEMAND yourself to make more, get more recognition and be of more service.


You want to bring the new, better ways to get things done but you can’t always access that level of creativity and consistently.


And even if you’re already a top thought leader, you want new ways to access even higher creative flow and ingenuity to keep remaining in demand to give your high level clients new training and transformation.


You want your new ideas to affect the world.


Does any of this relate to you?:


You learn a lot from coaching and industry events but you desire ingenuity that is originally YOURS that stands out and differentiates you amongst all of the competition instead of putting a new angle on the other top stuff and always having to pay attribution


You don’t want to be generically rehashing the same old industry techniques and methods that everyone else knows about like another ‘me too’; you want to bring new and improved methods that will evolve the old standards to a higher level of effectiveness


You want to be so innovative that you are head and shoulders above the competition so much so that they can’t possibly copy you and that they couldn’t even keep up with you because you KEEP innovating…this puts you YEARS ahead of the rest of the market


You want to be competition-proof and future-proof by being in greater, innovative and relevavnt service in this modern age


You’d rather rely on innovation and expansion rather than RELYING on the next flashy marketing gimmick or technique


By being so innovative, you’re always ‘ahead of the game’ when it comes to rapidly evolving industries and markets…new medium (apps, kindle) are simply different forms of expansion for your real transformational value and content


You see yourself as a true pioneer instead of just someone who markets and sells stuff…in fact you have some disdain for people who are ‘selling stuff’ and manipulating consumer psychology because they can without bringing REAL, authentic value


You value innovation AND sales in service to really stand out; not just sales while keeping people stuck when there is a better way


 You want to make your products, services, training and information more transformational so they really have a big impact on your people and clients


You want to keep pumping out breakthrough after breakthrough consistently so that you’re years ahead of the rest of your industry in innovation…this evolves everything you teach, train, produce and coach with


You want to be renowned and respected by the other tops in your industry, leaving real value that people continue to use years after you produced it


At a deeper level you want your ideas to change the world


Any of this sound like you? 


Next however, see if you resonate with these words:


Do you value these words?


    • Innovation

  • Thought Leader

  • Invention

  • Ingenuity

  • Success

  • Outside The Box Thinking

  • Think And Grow Rich

  • Big Aha’s

  • Leader Of Industry

  • Driving

  • Cutting-Edge

  • Creative Thought

  • Entrepreneurial

  • Pioneering

  • Demanding

  • Future Forward

  • Future Proof

  • On Top Of The Game

  • Ahead Of The Curve

  • Reign Maker

  • Independent

  • On Top Of The Game

  • Creative Problem Solver

  • CEO

  • Visionary

  • Visioneer

  • New Frontiers

  • Doing Things That Haven’t Been Done Before

  • Bold

  • Risk-Taker

  • Value

  • Service

  • Moving Forward

  • Leading The Future

  • Progressive

  • Pride In Originality

  • Influencer

  • USP

  • Differentiate

  • Break The Mold

  • Inspire Others


If you like those, good..we’re on the same page.


To boil it down you want to be known as the new thought leader and innovator of your industry.  Maybe even a few other relevant markets or industries you’re involved with (why limit it?).


This way you are the clear choice and people are attracted to you with less effort on your part.  You also value intuition in making decisions in business.


 So how can you have consistent and even predicdtable access to the ultimate solutions, big ideas, breakthroughs that will help define the future of your industry and your own success? 


How can you KEEP delivering on people’s high expectations of you to keep moving things forward?  After all you’re no one-hit wonder.


How can you really get to the core of flow itself so you can keep outputting innovative ideas and some year someone can write a biography about you?


How can you become the thought leader of your industry even in competitive industries? 


That’s why I’m here!…to get you there and fast. 


I’ll get you the tools so you can ALWAYS access performance thought flow ‘on demand’.


Previously, you may have thought innovative performance thought flow was something out of reach but it is actually VERY accessible once you know HOW to do it so that people in the know will often refer to you as ‘genius’.


I will show you DIRECTLY how to do it.  I’ve been doing it for years.  To get you what you really want, let’s get to the core of what will give it to you.


It’s called ‘flow’.  Specifically in your case you could call it ‘performance thought flow’…that’s what you really want and from there it’ll get you everything else; innovation, breakthrough, ingenuity, prestige, renown, clients, changes that matter, etc.


What we’re talking about with ‘flow’ is ideas that are so ‘big’ and breakthrough that they actually come from outside of your conscious awareness.


We’re talking those ‘big aha’s’ you get while you’re brushing your teeth and not waiting for them but then it goes away and you try to remember what it was just hoping for more. 


They’re not even coming from your current level of education and not even from your ‘thinking mind itself’…it’s ideas that come from literally ‘outside of you’ that just ‘HIT you’. 


You’ve had them and you love them but you want more of them and ‘on demand’ to get you what you’re looking for.  To remain on the cutting-edge with ridiculous levels of innovation and progression in your field.


Yes, we’re talking about getting ‘flow’ on demand…many big ideas; 1000s of big ideas per year if it’s required for you. 


Since I’ve learned how to access and get performance thought flow on demand, I consistently get ‘big ideas’ that are so far ahead of where I’m at and where the rest of my industry is at that is pushing it forward, I can teach you.


It doesn’t even matter what industry you’re in because it’s the flow itself that will come to you and as I teach you, it’ll be relevant for your industries and areas of intention.


Keep in mind, we’re talking transformative levels of ‘aha’s’ that move people and the world forward all coming through you.


By knowing how to consistently access performance thought flow, I became the thought leader of an industry (online dating for men) and spoke at the premiere event and now I’m so progressive in another area (fusing personal growth and spirituality) that it hasn’t even caught up yet.


Ideas I had 6 years ago are STILL ahead of the most of the industry which hasn’t caught up yet.  If you knew that industry and looked at things you’d be able to see how valuable and transformational that level of innovation is.


It’s not about me, it’s about the universal ability TO have quantum thought flow and you can have it…it’s waiting for you.


Usually they are fast and furious in entering my state that I have to use my shorthand just to capture them down.  For years, I have records of 1000s of these ‘big ideas’ from flow. 


I lead from experience and I know you can have it too no matter your personality or industry.


Just recently I had a BIG transformational breakthrough on average every 2 minutes for 3 hours during a session which I directly get from performance flow.  I mean these are new, BIG ideas and I’m teaching and applying them with clients for big transformations.


If you CAN’T flow you’re relying on your current level of education and you’re on level with the rest of the people in your industry where little progress is really done.  It’s the innovation that comes from flow that sets you far ahead.


What matters is that I can show you and that you’ll know it’s the real thing because you’ll start getting consistent, predictable flow and using it in the areas that matter to you. 


In fact, you’ll start realizing that you’ve barely even begun to tap your potential before because of what you’ll be introduced to.


No one taught me and I don’t know if you can even learn it from anyone else, I just figured it out from experience.  The best I’ve heard others talk about flow was that it was still an urban legend that would happen irregularly when they weren’t expecting it. 


Like ‘flow’ was talked about from an observer scientific perspective but they didn’t really have a clue as to how to consciously and consistently enter those states itself.  Now you can.


After you have 10,000 ideas that come from BEYOND your level of thinking (and you’ll understand why in the training), you start operating on an entirely different level.  And you can charge a LOT for your services. 


I was at $197/hour and now I’m at $997/hour because I’ve become a world authority into multiple areas because of my ability to not just have performance thought flow but to actually access and apply higher consciousness itself directly.


We’ll get to it in the training but what Napoleon Hill referenced as ‘sexual transmutation’…has something to do with this.


Flow is predictable and it’s really about your relationship to your own higher creative consciousness BUT you have to do some things to get it that you’ve probably never done before.


But don’t worry about that for now (and besides, it’s actually VERY FUN to get into heavy states of flow where big, relevant aha’s keep coming to you literally non-stop) because it’ll be YOUR competitive advantage.


Sometimes I’m in SO much flow, I just want to enjoy things some more and have to try and turn it off!  I’m so experienced that I can guarantee new big ideas ‘on demand’ because I’ve conditioned it (this is pretty easy and I’ll show you how to do it).


No more having to hit your head on the toilet seat to come up with the idea for the flux capacitor.


Once you know how to have performance thought flow, you’ll have the cutting edge and the power to really be the new thought leader of your industry or industries.  I guarantee it.


But I want you to try it out to make sure it’s the real thing. 


If you’re in a competitive industry that is open for innovation or includes human-based coaching and performance, this investment will give an ROI that will blow you away because I’ll show you the actual ‘real thing’ about how to access flow itself (no indirect references here or happenstance).


What would it be like to have the flow of your dreams?


Ready to have your ideas leave a mark on the world through your business and services?


To be able to ALWAYS access thought flow to output in performance entirely new breakthroughs, visions, big ideas and what you’re missing that keeps it ‘original’ and innovative coming from you for your industry?


To have your competition scramble because you’re teaching on a level so innovative and above them that they can’t even TRY to keep up with you and you’re not even worried if they TRY to copy you because you’re so far ahead


So how do you really do this?  Introducing my new program

Performance Thought Flow


It’s the first time I’m really teaching flow.  Now, it’s in development and should be available in March 2013.  COMING SOON




Training coming soon.


Whatever industry you’re in, I’ll take your ability to thought flow and big ideas to a level beyond wherever they’re at right now guaranteed. 


Imagine having that ability on the way UP that the TOPS in industries and rain-makers have right now including the great innovators before you?  Let’s bring out that higher potential that you know is there so you’re an unstoppable flow of ridiculous value in the world.  Private coaching is available.


And what price could you pay on the ACTUAL big ideas that you’ll be having from now that will impact the world and move markets?