Lisa Nichols Workshop Review – Afest 3

After being @ Afest 1 in Costa Rica and her being a highlight of the event for me, the Lisa Nichols Awesomenessfest pre-event workshop rocked! It was very spicy and transformational I think for absolutely everyone there.

I got at LEAST a dozen MAJOR, profound life-change level breakthrough aha’s that affected on a core level (and about 100 others mostly written in my shorthand that made the whole event investment already worth it).  From ‘accepting family as being the role that they play in your life’ (including the closest family members w/o having to be won on your purpose)’; clarity she had after coming back from working in Africa and her cousin asked ‘that’s great, where’s our peach cobbler’?

to..’you only wanna play with people that wanna play with you’ (instead of ie. chasing them or continuing to CARE about what they think of you)

to ‘putting up with relationships’ and even putting ie. ‘love’ or ‘duty’ as a band-aid of convenience that (in the proper context of the woman who brought it up ie.) may actually be holding you back from truly living in integrity with your greater purpose, freedom and beingness…and then projecting what the relationship would be like 10 years into the future…several people broken down crying during it and through these breakthroughs.  The implications of this can’t be understated (and Lisa invited us to share some of these to help it affect other Afester’s b/c it might be what they’re looking to hear and they couldn’t make it).

to changing your positioning on selling: ‘get clear on what you offer (as a solution to their problems or desire) and THEN they can weed themselves out if they resonate with it (vs. chasing or selling them) to reframing No’s in the live group activity to ‘sexy band-aids’, to ‘micro-waving relationships’ to ‘micro stepping goals’ to her holistic outlook of life success to unapologetically BEING that vessel for the divine purpose in you, to being in service to people…I have pages of intense notes that I’ll take and keep applying in my life (the list goes on and others can also share).

It’s also very rare and refreshing to have a woman so open about expressing what she’s feeling sensually ‘now’ and taking it to hilarious extremes..I think I was laughing more than most (and everyone was lol)..I was laughing at least half of the time with her zen-in-the-moment off the cuff (mostly) relevant comments but she brings the serious value and lives were actively transformed permanently during the experience.  Allyson was also very impressive with her level of ability as a coach.  Since many of us ARE coaches it takes a very high level..someone like 10 steps ahead to bring real, ‘pee in your pants’ level of greatness value and they bring it.

Truly an unforgettable experience and as a coach, she brought serious pro advice live to all of the questions.  She just kept flowing and flowing with profound insights and breakthroughs that directly affected lives. What may be most exemplary to me (as for years I’ve hidden so much of my value inside or transmuted it into production work instead of just being ‘open’ in communication, she’s furthermore a SUPREME role model of speaking, being, presence, communication, HEART and charisma..of LIVING in greatness, purpose and passion unapologetically.  Love you Lisa Nichols and thanks!  -Rion

Lisa Nichols & Rion Freeberg