Just For Women

Entertain Radiance

This will be a simple and free Entertain Success module itself when it comes out.  Women will be able to transmute the energy in select entertainment media resources for anti-aging, inner beauty, sexual and spiritual healing, charisma, glow and more.  

It works simply by allowing the Law of Resonance in very conscious media to affect your own vibrational frequency and then transmuting that energy in special ways.

Shine Divine

This will be our official coaching and training line-up for women to advance from the basics of entertaining radiance which they can do for free anytime in their own use of transformational media time (on iPod, computer, etc.).  

Shine Divine will be the premier and front-end performance energy and charisma coaching for tomorrow’s divas, actresses, singers, performers and Goddesses.  We will do profound but advanced energy work, healing and altering consciousness to connect and express more divinity with the juiciness of your Goddess self.

Because entertainment is closest to my dharma, Shine Divine will first and foremost be for professional and aspiring female performers.  Secondarily it will be for other women including female energy healers and others who value connecting with their Goddess self or bringing in new forms of powerful energy healing and vitality to their life or their clients lives.
Because of my powerful connection to the divine feminine, this will help channel and yield special power for transformation.  As you may inherently know that your Goddessness embraces and includes the sexuality of your divine feminine and its relation to the divine masculine in addition to your soul itself.  

Shine Divine will be the powerful and practical, male-led training in support of women to connect to their Goddess self for the infinite benefits it provides.  As a woman, you’ll probably want to sign up right now to just be on the mailing list itself.  You can do that here.  Coaching is also available.