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10 Awakening Questions [PDF]

Video Powerliminal SP’s

Youtube (Channels):

 Use these to supplement your own Entertaining Success or Awakening sessions.  A lot of power resources are spruced amongst these channels for your discovery. 

 To keep things simple, just follow the modules…extensively you can reference our community or get private coaching with an experienced Transformation With Media Coach (also a community member).



This is our official ESTV channel.  It may be simpler just to follow the modules but you can always use this as a reference point for re-immersion.



The official Powerliminals channel for transformational meditations you can use.  These are the SP versions (short play).  You can always upgrade to the official, full-length Powerliminals.



A channel I had up from years ago.  Carpe Visum is here



 The official (although not always active) Natural Grounding channel.  N.G. is the practical of sexual polarity meditation in which you can access and use in different ways for entertaining and awakening success in your life. 

Use this channel and further N.G. specific training to dig more into the practice itself outside of Entertain Success -specific modules.



There are some great transformational resources and additional free training here.


NaturalGroundingVids &


Put up by mpgamer, these 2 channels get my official and general stamp of approval (although I haven’t approved each single video).  He REALLY gets what we do and is one of the most experienced at Entertaining Success. 

He’s also coached with me, been to several live events.  Explore these 2 channels as resources to add to your own Entertaining Success sessions (or transformational media time) for more awesome goodies! 

Remember once you get the basics of Entertaining Success and repurposing media through the Law of Resonance for transformation, you can RUN with new resources.  These are great places to look b/c they’re generally pre-qualified to be transformational entertainment.



Please support G.A.T.E.  The Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment and Media!  As I’ve done, you can sign their ‘petition’ which they’ll take to core entertainment industry professionals in Hollywood to show them more demand for conscious media.