Entertain Dating

Entertain Dating

Rion was a professional dating coaching online for years as one of the leaders of the authentic, natural movement.

Although lesser known, he brought what those in the know consider the MOST powerful transformational knowledge and tools for real results in upgrading their own dating life to one of power, confidence, attraction and worthiness.

Now the evolution of Rion’s dating advice world is simply ‘Entertain Dating’ which also takes how advanced and cutting-edge his information is and reconnects it with a more mainstream audience for them to value and take in what they want at THEIR pace…then they can get into the higher levels of transformation if they so choose but some people still just want to get a date. 

It is now open for women to coach with Rion for dating advice on attracting men or resparking their relationship.  Your single life as a man or woman should be EPIC and you should be confident, have fun and attract the quality of partner you really desire in life.

You can start with these resources as a single man to get into transforming your dating life right now.

Sexual Reality PDF v 2.1

A powerful and yet simple outlook that will entirely transform your dating life permanently.  Here you’ll actually see WHERE you’re at with confidence and your dating life with women.  This alone will bypass years of ignorant suffering in PUA-land.

This free eBook will transform your dating life outlook with proper resources and recommendations to further your path.

How to Become An Awakened Natural With Women

A powerful audio proram that takes you to Casanova levels of connection with women.  This gives you that transformational and yet balanced and consciousoutlook on a level beyond the selfish desires of ‘sex only’.

Natural Grounding to Real Attraction
Want to take Entertaining Sexual Attraction to another level?  Get this program if you’re into Natural Grounding and want more physical and sexual attraction and connection with women.  

A lot of men can get too caught up in the perfection of a new fantasy world while remaining disconnected from ‘real’ women…this program helps you bridge N.G. to physical reality with women for your dating life or an empowered relationship.

33 Dating Solutions For Men Audio Coaching
For single men who want to improve their dating life.

Don’t underestimate the simplicity of this program.  With it you’re able to leverage the experienced level of a natural to bypass all kinds of real-life physical dating issues, dynamics and situations that might otherwise KEEP you frustrated and disconnected from women, wondering why they don’t call you back.

Why would I promote someone like Brent Smith?  Why would I empower men’s dating lives while also teaching the divinity of Goddessism?  Because LIFE is divine and there is no disconnection between the masculine and feminine; it’s just different levels of power and what you’re connected to.  See to me, there is no disconnection but from mainstream consciousness sex is something to hide and be shameful of.

Besides, this isn’t about me, it’s about YOU and getting YOU to the higher levels from where you’re at right now.
Sexuality is a part of life and is divine.  From higher consciousness there is no judgment, only awakening connection founded on respect with both the feminine and masculine where physicality is cherished in its unique ways.  

I’m about empowerment on all levels and it’s in YOUR life that you may want to improve your physical sex life and attraction but doesn’t mean you can’t also be into the ‘purer’ divinity of Goddessism or your spiritual growth.  You can have it all because you are connected to ALL!  You are divinely worthy.

I realized it’s selfish of me to only want to (for example) teach the higher spiritual stuff about the divine feminine when there are many who are on their path who really DO want to handle their dating lives even BEFORE they can advance to that yummy stuff.  

The choice is yours and I’m getting out of my own way so that with Entertain Dating and Awaken Success you can see where you’re at and be on YOUR own path even if it means others might judge you for not being as spiritual for desiring sex or a romantic soul mate.  I’m not judging you.  I’m about empowering you to access more of your own divine power to HAVE those things.

Get used to thinking without boundaries with Awaken Success because it’s going to challenge a lot of your previous beliefs to yield unbounded divine attraction, personal freedom and success. 

Breaking paradigms is normal because the things which hold you back the most (God, Sex and Money) can also set you the most free.

Those programs were mostly for singles; yet, if you’re in a relationship, getting into the Powerliminals will help empower the chemistry you already have with your partner and keep it alive.  For women, look into Shine Divine and the Goddess attunements.