Base Leverage For Transformation: Conscious vs. Subconscious Expansion

Conscious vs. Subconscious Expansion & Cyclical Thought Patterns vs. Universal Mind

In order to really break free and break through FASTER so you don’t have to keep working hard and struggling, it’ll be beneficial to get some extremely powerful transformation and insight to make those big changes so you can be sexier, happier and more successful in alignment with your greater expression and path RIGHT NOW instead of years from now or worse; continuing on not knowing ANY idea of how or why you’re blocked to freedom, success and greater expression when you’re working so hard at it.

One of these is understanding the relationship between the insidious subconscious mind and not just your conscious mind but now your holistic, awakened consciousness.  This means not just your egoic, thinking mind but your awakened level and flow of emotional, sexual and qi consciousness AND their subconscious counterparts.

That means you have to reprogram yourself not just in how you ‘think’ for success but getting ALL of your conscious energy in alignment with where you want to go; removing the resistances so greater conscious energy can flow through you that is in alignment with God’s law of ‘more life’ so you can resonate and ‘be’ the success you wish to have in the world and receive it.

Higher consciousness is what frees you and gets you in alignment with your creative power to do miracles and a divine flow of energy through you which will attract the manifestation of your dreams into physical reality.  We do this through awakening to your greater, egoless conscious experience IN different areas of self without preferring one or the other.  

Entertaining Success is the easiest, funnest way to ‘raise your vibration’ while doing miracles of breakthrough transformation and awakening..oh and it’s free!  

And then with other transformational work mixed into this fundamental understanding of consciousness you can really make big changes fast.  Awaken Success will provide training and transformation in this area but you can also use other powerful techniques for it that are out there.

Another one of these elemental transformation concepts for big change fast is understanding the cyclical thought patterns vs. universal Mind concept.

Etienne Charland can effectively read what your balance of CTP vs. UM actually is.  This is a profound concept and here is a link to his article on understanding the mind.  And this is on BOTH the conscious and subconscious levels where you can see this important balance.


When you are in divine success and a state of non-resistant flow you will have far more Universal Mind because divine energy and consciousness is flowing through you.  This divine energy can flow to you in higher and higher levels of sexual and emotional creative power for example which will allow you to do ‘impossible’ things and ‘feel’ powerful, natural states of euphoria.

Many people in the West are ego-driven or logically understand ‘concepts’ but have large resistances in areas of their consciousness that are holding them back from a higher flow of powerful energy that leads to divine abundance and success.  

With these you can start to see where you’re blocking yourself; and if you still can’t, getting coaching or an energy reading will start to make it clear.  

Because most of the progressive personal development works with conscious vs. subconscious mind, they’re bypassing the direct power of emotional and sexual desires and consciousness as well as the ratio of CTP (monkey mind and how much it’s dominating you) vs. UM and the flow you want to be in.

Being aware of these major concepts consciously gives us leverage to really work with them as we go into transformational work to do the changes; otherwise you could be blind for years without being aware of how to break through.

See, this goes all beyond the limitations of the conscious vs. subconscious mind that has been around for a long time.  We have to affect and work on all levels of our consciousness because something may still be blocking you from RESONATING success.  Having that awareness, we can work more specifically to get you the transformation necessary to become free from everything that is consciously or unconsciously holding you back from a higher, connected flow of energy and congruency with your dreams and desires.