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Based: American living overseas. Thailand again right now.

Short Bio:

Always into personal development since high school, Rion felt something big was missing in the West when living in Hawaii and took a different ‘spiritual’ path to the East. After reading about ‘sexual transmutation’ in ‘Think & Grow Rich’ years earlier, there he discovered the core of yin energy and started Natural Grounding (sexual polarity meditation) which later evolved into entertainment meditation (a.k.a. Self-Awakening). N.G. has helped 1000’s of men worldwide to cure sexual anxieties, access direct creative flow and create natural sexual attraction.

Not big into contentment or passive style spirituality which often escapes or suppresses greater purpose, sexual and heart’s desires; what he teaches could directly be described as active or creative spirituality…embracing and bringing in the power of heart, mind, sexiness and soul into driving a greater creative output, expression or life purpose with massive transformations of consciousness not available to those into traditional Western personal growth. Rion as a coach, producer and online entrepreneur (for 7 years) represents a very experienced ‘cutting-edge’ at the convergence point of spirituality with both entertainment/media and personal growth at this modern age.

After being a professional dating and attraction coach since 2005 and speaking at Eben Pagan’s ‘Double Your Dating: Man Transformation’ event in 2008, Rion has evolved into a transformational coach fusing Eastern & Western methodology while also becoming a world authority on sexual attraction, thought flow, creative flow with the ability to work powerfully as an energy healer especially for women to have Goddess or superstar allure.

The new web presence (‘Entertain Success’ and possibly repositioned Self-Awakening community) will be online early 2013 to introduce and indoctrinate people into repurposing media for seriously fun transformational results and the current (and expanding) paid transformational/info product line, coaching and events.