• Superyang Grounding Meditation For Men

    Experience the gYa2 Superyang guided hypnosis meditation (Powerliminal) for man to reconnect with his divine masculine power. Reloop this as often as you want for more power. Read More
  • Lisa Nichols Workshop Review

    Recently at AwesomenessFest 3, I attended Lisa Nichols pre-event workshop which seriously rocked. Find out more about how transformational it was here!.. Read More
  • Awakened Natural Meditation

    Discover this advanced \'chemistry creating\' meditation for men to become naturally confident with powerful women. Essential for up and coming male energy healers or practitioners to also help heal women and clear energy blocks. Read More
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Workshops & Events

'Live' is where you get the MAXIMUM transformational value. Find out about our past events and upcoming workshops a bit more here...

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